What to put in your dating profile

Embrace the challenge of marketing yourself!

What to put in your dating profile
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Most of us aren't particularly good at marketing ourselves - to highlight your best qualities, to put yourself out there and demand attention.

But when it comes to connecting with people on dating apps, it's a fairly fundamental skill.

Here's some tips on what to focus on.


Most online dating apps are location-based - they use the technology of your phone to let other people know if you're in their neighbourhood.

There's no point pretending to be somewhere that you're not - your whole objective to connect with people that are near you with the intention of meeting up.


You need to be honest, but also present the best version of yourself.

Some things are facts - there's no point saying that you're 180cm tall if you are not actually 180cm tall. Be serious.

But there's no need to unleash your inner-saboteur - don't say: "Hair is a disaster, outfit choices always questionable, and have an odd rash that should probably see a doctor about."

Remember, you're presenting the best version of yourself. This is a moment to be kind to the woman in the mirror.

About You

While to some extent, dating apps are inherently superficial and people will be making snap decisions based on a thumbnail, don't underestimate the power of personality.

The "About You" section is where you need to showcase why you're a cool and fun person to hang out with.

Keep it short and punchy - no one wants to read an essay - but also include some details that might spark some interest and encourage further conversation.

What are you into? What are you passionate about? What makes you laugh?

Try and keep it positive - avoid listing all of the things that make you angry. Remember, you want to let people know that you're cool and fun!

Looking For?

Most dating apps will have a "Looking For?" section in their bios. This is a bit of a grey area as you don't want to shut down options but also you need to be a bit honest with yourself.

If you're just looking for some fun, that's cool. If you're looking for a very serious relationship, maybe lead with something like: "Looking to meet new people and see how things develop!"

If you're a couple looking to spice things up in the bedroom, be upfront about that.


Hobbies sounds a bit quaint, but you'll probably encounter this field in some form - it might be called something like "Favourite Things".

Again, don't write too much but take this as another opportunity to share some conversation starters.

You want to be interesting, but don't just go making things up.


It might feel a bit awkward, but once you've updated your dating app profile, get a couple of friends to take a look and critique it. Sure, you might get some tough love but your friends see the best in you and will be able to suggest how to beef up your profile to best reflect what you've got to offer.

Remember - the people that you're trying to date are not mind-readers. Market yourself - let the world know that you're ready to get amongst it!

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