How to get over your Ex

Keep it classy, avoid the drama.

How to get over your Ex
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Sure, time heals all wounds, but couldn't we speed this whole thing up a bit?

There's no magic solution for trying to repair a broken heart, but here's a couple of ideas that might be worth a try.


Dead-set serious, this is just science - studies have shown that chocolate releases the same endorphins as sex. Eat chocolate, feel happy and satisfied.

Prom queen of Single-town

All friends are good, but if you're feeling a bit heartbroken then it's your single friends who you need to lean into. This is the moment for the Galentines brunch. This is the moment for going out dancing and drinking until you can't dance or drink any more. Do fun stuff with your single friends.

Change it up

It's a good idea to put some physical distance between you and your ex. Don't go to the bar where you know she's going to be at. Choose different options, explore new spaces.

Put the social media down

Don't like her photos. Don't try and figure out who she's hanging out with. Stalking is not sexy.

What she's doing on her time is no longer your business. She's going to live her life and you need to get on with living yours.

It's okay to talk about your ex

Talking about your breakup and your emotions and what your ex meant to you is all part of the process of getting closure on the relationship and moving on.

It's fine to talk over the breakup with your friends and family - they're on your team and they'll soon let you know when it's time to change the topic of conversation.

Don't talk about your breakup with people you don't know or that you're trying to date. They have zero interest in hearing about your ex.

Do talk about your breakup with your therapist. This is exactly what you're paying for.

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