Should I text her?

Phone etiquette for communicating with your new crush.

Should I text her?
Photo by Natasha Hall / Unsplash

If you like someone, there's not really any right or wrong ways to communicate - you've got to be fairly intuitive and figure out what works best for you both.

However, if you're anything like us, it's very easy to spiral into over-thinking every exchange.

Here's some general principles that we try to stick to when we're crushing on someone new.

Don't overdo it

When you're into someone, particularly when it's all new, it's easy to get a bit over-enthusiastic.

Try not to come on too strong - don't text her constantly. Be chill.

Don't stalk her on socials

Sure, you can like the odd photo, but don't immediately follow her on every platform. Don't do a deep dive on everything she's ever posted - inevitably you'll inadvertently like something from five years ago and that deep-like will potentially raise a red flag.

Don't get too personal

Flexting is fine. Sexting is fine. Just don't start asking personal questions that really aren't your business. Keep it light and keep it fun.

Don't be weird

Why are you sending her a " good morning" text every day when you've only just met? Why are you using your cat's Insta account to comment on her photos? Why have you joined her yoga class?

Don't add her to your group chat

Your friends are great, but adding your new crush to your group chat is not a great idea. It's okay to keep some things separate. If she's in the group chat, how are you going to talk about how great she is?

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