Where would be a good option for a first date?

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Where would be a good option for a first date?
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The first date is a bit of a make-or-break moment - you want to make a good first impression but you don't want to look like you're trying too hard to get too emotionally invested.

So what's a good first date option? Here's some suggestions.

The outdoorsy date

If your date seems like the adventurous type, why not suggest something that takes you both outdoors? It could just be a bracing walk, or maybe some sort of activity that works up a bit of a sweat. If you want something a bit more low-key - and assuming that the weather is good - a picnic is a great way to get to know someone.

The creative date

Getting creative together is a lot of fun. There's venues that offer things such as pottery painting, but you can easily just organise your own activity. Hit up the local craft supplies and see where your imagination takes you.

The beach date

A beach date works whatever the weather. If the sun is out, you get to strip off and splash about in the waves. If it's more wintry weather, you get to wrap up and look wistfully out to sea.

The foodie date

Going out to dinner somewhere can seem a bit daunting for a first date, but foodie dates don't have to be fine dining. Think street-food or farmers markets - somewhere you can go and share some snacks and discuss what allergies need to be negotiated. You learn a lot about someone about the way they eat food.

The classroom date

Learning something together really throws you in the deep end. Maybe it's a cooking class, or a cheese-tasting class, or a ceramics class, or whatever. It's just a fun, interactive way to spend time together.

The spa date

Going to a spa together can be fun, but why not create your own spa day at home? Break out the face masks, see if she's up for a body-scrub, fill up the tub for a bubble-bath.

The shopping date

We're not talking about department stores or luxury brands, but head to the thrift shops and the charity shops to see what treasures you can discover together. You might come across something vintage that is a real find, or you might not find anything - it's really just an opportunity to try on floppy hats with each other.

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