Looking for a gym-crush?

Time to work up a sweat.

Looking for a gym-crush?
Photo by Sven Mieke / Unsplash

Dating is a bit of a numbers game, but you also have to use all of the tools and opportunities available to you.

Sure, make sure that you're profile is up to date and you're sending out plenty of messages on apps such as Gaydar Girls, but don't forget that it's possible to connect with women in real-life situations as well.

One of the best places to connect with other women is in the gym.

Why are gyms a good place to meet a date?

While they're not inherently sexual spaces, gyms are physical spaces. Everyone is stripped down to sportswear, they're exercising, they're getting sweaty.

As well as being good for the health and fitness journey, that shared activity automatically gives you something in common with everyone there and plenty of opportunities to start a conversation.

How to start a conversation in the gym

The first rule is, don't be weird.

You want to create opportunities where conversations can occur naturally. That's easiest in a class setting, where you can laugh about messing up an exercise, or make a joke about something. If you're in the free-weights area, you can ask if she's using the dumbbell or whatever.

It helps if you look approachable. Just smiling warmly at people that you encounter as you navigate around the gym will let people know that you're approachable and friendly.

Get value out of your personal trainer

Signing up with a personal trainer is not only a great way to maximise your work-out time and make some progress towards your fitness goals, but a trainer helps to really connect you with everything that's going on at the gym.

Personal trainers always have the gossip on everyone there - they'll pretty much be able to introduce you to anyone that you want to meet. Don't be afraid to let your trainer know that you're looking for a bit of love and affection.

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