How to have the 'girlfriend' conversation

There's no easy way to tackle it.

How to have the 'girlfriend' conversation
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You're seeing someone. You're hanging out together. It's potentially dating - well, it certainly feels like dating. But how do you let her know that you want things to get a bit more serious, that you kind of want to make it "official".

How do you ask someone to be your girlfriend?

A grand gesture?

Send a big bunch of flowers to her at work?

Some people really respond to big romantic gestures, for others it can feel too much and overwhelming. You need to tread carefully with this strategy.

An old fashioned gesture?

What about a handwritten card or a note, expressing your admiration and asking her to make it Insta official?

This might be cute if she's really into Bridgerton, but is anyone really into Bridgerton?

An expensive gesture?

Why not splash some cash? Hire a limo, go to a posh restaurant, check in to a 5-star hotel?

In this economy, that might seem a bit excessive.

A humorous gesture?

Making a sort of a joke about it, but not really joking is a nice low-key way to get into the conversation.

But maybe this isn't something she wants to joke about? You don't want to give the impression that you're not taking this relationship seriously.

A direct gesture?

What would happen if you just asked her? Like, took the risk, bit the bullet, and said something like: "I'd really like us to be girlfriends, would you be into that?"

There's a chance that she could be into that, right?

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