First time nerves?

How to navigate an intimate encounter when she's new to exploring her queerness.

First time nerves?
Photo by Janosch Lino / Unsplash

So, you find yourself getting close with a woman who is new to exploring the queer aspects of her sexuality?

Here's some tips on how to navigate what can be tricky terrain.

1.Don’t be patronising.

Sure, you are probably going to be the one that’s in control of the situation but don’t use it as an opportunity to be patronising towards her, just be a good guide.

2.Take things slow

If it’s her first time and she’s new to this kind of intimacy, she might be a little scared or apprehensive about the situation. Just take things slowly.

3.Decide where she stands before actually being with her.

This could just be a bit of an experiment for her - that's cool if you're okay with that, but don't leave yourself emotionally vulnerable as you could easily get hurt.

4.Have fun!

Relax, this doesn't have to be a big deal. Be gentle, considerate and just enjoy being together.

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