Theatre Watch: Me For You

A new play by Rachel E. Thorn.

Theatre Watch: Me For You

Rachel E. Thorn's new play is Me For You and it’s all about the utter selfishness of true love.

Me For You tackles the fundamental paradox of modern life - we want to be good people but we’re just so self-absorbed. The play is about a queer couple who join Extinction Rebellion in a bid to save the planet. In the process, they have to face the fact that we do good things for personal gain. After all, what could be more selfish than being in love?

The inspiration for Me For You came from the way climate activism is represented in a country where the latest government has worked hard to diminish our right to protest.

"Surely anyone can see that climate activists are heroes?" explains Rachel E. Thorn. "There’s an attempt to paint them as people on the fringes of society but in fact, they’re people like you and me. They’re your next-door neighbours. And they’re human too. Just people selfishly trying to save the planet they live on."

When's it on?

  • Performance Dates: Thursday 1st – Sunday 25th August (not 7th and 13th)
  • Running Time: 75 minutes
  • Location: Pleasance Courtyard (The Green),
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