Celebrating International Women's Day

An important day to celebrate the talent, strength, and resilience of women but also to acknowledge the challenges that remain.

Celebrating International Women's Day

Around the world, on 8 March, we celebrate International Women's Day.

This is an important moment for us all to pause, reflect, and celebrate the talents and achievements as well as the strength and resilience that has seen such enormous steps forward in terms of feminism and equality in many parts of the world.

International Women's Day is also an important time to acknowledge how much more work needs to be done to ensure that women are fully empowered wherever we are, and to continue to work to remove barriers such as misogyny, systemic sexism, and economic inequality.

A quick glance at the headlines makes it clear that there's a lot going around the world that is impacting women particularly hard - whether it's conflict, natural disasters, climate change, or economic hardship. 

On this International Women's Day, let's celebrate our achievements, let's acknowledge the work that still needs to be done, but let's also pause and reflect on the specific issues that are impacting women around the world.

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