Serving Kult: A celebration of hyper-pop and queer rave.

A radio show and podcast series to add to your playlist.

Serving Kult: A celebration of hyper-pop and queer rave.

Serving Kult is a monthly radio show and podcast series exploring and platforming the music, creatives and community behind the growing UK scene, with a particular focus on female and LGBTQ+ voices.

Created as part of a paid internship at This Is Distorted in partnership with Youth Music UK, Serving Kult was developed to help young people access careers in the music industry. Interns were given free creative rein to develop a podcast and show with support and training from the agency.

The radio show is presented by DJ BBY Goose and will centre around Hyperpop and Queer Rave music produced by Female and LGBTQ+ artists, with additional sections highlighting other genres popular in the scene including Hiphop, Hardcore, Jungle, and Breakcore.

“I’m super super excited to be working on Serving Kult..." said BBY. "The queer music scene holds a special place in my heart - it’s something that has really shaped who I am as a person over the years and has been an incredible source of connection and community. Last year I organised my own hyperpop event - ‘XTC’, which has been a particular highlight in my music career as it was truly magical to witness firsthand how the queer music scene brings people together - it’s a connection like no other I’ve ever experienced. I feel honoured to have this opportunity to celebrate the vast and vibrant musical landscape of the queer community and I’m looking forward to shining a light on the talented and diverse artists that inspire me so much!”

The podcast will focus on the perspectives of artists, performers, influential voices and the passion of those cultivating the scene, contrasting this with some of the challenges the culture faces.

The podcast series and radio show is released monthly on the last Friday of the month and is available to listen to on all major streaming platforms and via radio partners in the UK and Europe.

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