Lesbian Witchtok has cast a spell over us!

Ready to get sexy and spooky?

Lesbian Witchtok has cast a spell over us!
Photo by Lloyd Newman / Unsplash

If you're a queer woman who spends probably a little too much time on TikTok, then you might have stumbled across Lesbian Witchtok.

Lesbian Witchtok is a sapphic little corner of the internet where witchy women connect and share their spells, potions, readings, crystals and all things crafty.

There's how-to guides, personal development blogs, and intergenerational mentoring - altars, astrology, candles, crystals and deities are all topics that are frequently discussed by those in the know.

Why do queer women identify with witches?

At face-value, describing a queer woman as witchy might feel a bit like a slur, but obviously there's a lot of cultural history to unpack that's really fascinating.

The connection to nature that is often embraced by witchy women can be traced back to the ancient times of paganism.

In the centuries of puritanical zealotry, women that were perceived as a threat to the societal and patriarchal norms were persecuted - labelled as witches to other them and marginalise them.

Embracing your inner-witch is a way of honouring the women that have come before us, of reclaiming our power, of unleashing our inner Kate Bush, and casting a few spells to make the world a better place. Get into it!

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