What to watch: Chuck Chuck Baby

Set in Wales, this is a film about chickens and falling in love.

What to watch: Chuck Chuck Baby

Written and directed by Janis Pugh, Chuck Chuck Baby is a story about chickens and falling in love.

Set in Wales, the film stars Louise Brealey, Annabel Scholey, Sorcha Cusack, Celyn Jones, and Emily Fairn.

What's it about?

Helen spends her nights packing chickens and her days caring for a dying mother-figure Gwen. Helen's world takes an unexpected turn with the return of Joanne. They were the objects of the other's unspoken teenage passions twenty years ago. One night, encouraged by Helen, Joanne starts a playful wooing game that re-awakens their youthful feelings.

As they fall in love and lust, Helen's zest for life returns but Joanne feels the walls closing in as she faces something much darker from her past. Helen's world is shattered when Gwen dies and Joanne's painful memories cause her to flee. Separated and alone, will both women reflect on their unfulfilled chance to break their barriers and allow love to win?

"I am absolutely delighted that Chuck Chuck Baby has made it to general release in the UK..." says Janis Pugh. "Our independent film, shot in 26 days has captured so many hearts on its festival journey, from Edinburgh to Toronto, Palm Springs, Zurich and many more. It's a testament to an amazing cast and crew for all their hard work and belief in the story. But mostly it's a fantastic tribute to the working women celebrated in the film."

 Chuck Chuck Baby will be released in cinemas from 12 July

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