What's on in London: A Word For Mother

A play exploring grief and family dynamics.

What's on in London: A Word For Mother

Brought to life by an all-female cast and creative team, A Word For Mother will premier in London on 1 May.

This simmering family drama revolves around the intertwined history of four women, sisterly relationships and motherly love.

Reunited by their mother’s unexpected passing, the bond between three sisters begins to strain: emotions boil over and childhood lies are revealed. How far does the apple fall from the tree?

Puppeteer, singer and star of screen and stage, Louise Gold, plays matriarch Pru in this exploration of family dynamics. Gold is best known for her West End career and performances in multiple Muppets’ productions.

The cast also includes Abigail Moore, Heather Johnson, and Melaina Pecorini as the trio of sisters Charity, Faith and Hope.

Having gathered in the kitchen of their family home after the passing of their mother, three grief-stricken daughters must learn to navigate a new family dynamic. The play unravels a family history, moving from the present day to complex childhoods. Each sister reflects on their own relationship with their mother as secrets, rivalries and hidden feelings come bubbling to the surface.

Will the sisters’ bond survive the emerging emotions and unfolding tensions?

A Word For Mother will run at Upstairs at The Gatehouse, 1 May – 26 May

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