What to watch: Tell That to the Winter Sea

A drama that explores and celebrates the deep complexity of femininity and female relationships.

What to watch: Tell That to the Winter Sea

Upcoming British film, Tell That to the Winter Sea, is an all-female drama exploring the complexities of female relationships and the delicate line between friendship and love.

Celebrating her upcoming marriage, bride-to-be Jo invites her childhood friend, and first love, Scarlet, on a girls' trip to a country manor. However, despite drifting apart as adults, unresolved feelings still linger between them while the rest of the group enjoys the weekend away. With Jo about to embark on a new stage in her life, but struggling to let go of the past, she reflects with Scarlet on the young girls they once were, and the women they are becoming.

Written and directed by Jaclyn Bethany, the cast includes Greta Bellamacina, Amber Anderson, Tamsin Egerton, Jessica Plummer, Bebe Cave, and Josette Simon.

"In my filmmaking career I am most interested in exploring narratives from a female perspective that have not been seen before..." explains Jaclyn Bethany. "I am forever curious about how women come of age in our world, where societal norms and heteronormative behaviour have dominated much of our existence. Women's voices need to come to the forefront of our cultural conversation, pushing us to think about what it really means to be a woman. It's the small details in recent feminist queer cinema that have stirred my mind, challenged me and pushed my own directing forward."

Tell That To The Winter Sea will be screening in UK cinemas from 31 May

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