What to watch: Drag Heals - exploring the transformative power of unleashing your inner persona

We go behind-the-scenes with Tracey Erin Smith.

What to watch: Drag Heals - exploring the transformative power of unleashing your inner persona

Drag Heals is back for Season 4 – diving into the transformative world of drag, offering an intimate look at the lives of drag artists as they embark on an intensive month-long workshop to craft their own shows.

Created and presented by Tracey Erin Smith, each participant delves deep into their personal narratives, uncovering profound lessons and experiences to share with the world.

We went behind-the-scenes with Tracey Erin Smith to find out what we can expect from Season 4 - listen to the conversation here

Throughout the intensive workshops, participants not only hone their performance skills but also embark on an exploration of their own identities.

The season four cast features Callan Forrester as Ana Spiral, Isaiah Doucet as Izzy Limpwrist, Dev Nicoll-Ellis as Devery Bess, Jerico De Jesus as Jeriana ’Sirenn’ Arawan and Anthony Meeks as Avaiyah Curves.

“Drag Heals season four features our youngest group of performers yet…” explains Tracey Erin Smith. “These extraordinary individuals reveal untold stories and hidden truths, that lead to powerful transformations. This season offers raw emotion and dazzling artistry that will inspire and move you.”

“Drag Heals is one of my favourite series that we make at Border2Border Entertainment…” adds Charlie David, director of the series. “As a director, I’m humbled by the generosity shown by each drag artist by sharing deeply personal stories that make for an emotionally charged new season. These people are fearless in their honesty and vulnerability and that makes every episode captivating. It’s rare to witness true vulnerability, and when we do – we simply can’t look away. Viewers can expect inspiring resilience, and a celebration of self-discovery unlike anything we’ve showcased before.”

Season 4 of Drag Heals will premier on 19 April, streaming on OUTtv, OUTtv.com and the OUTtv channel on Prime Video and AppleTV+.

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