Lesbian mums on Bluey? We love to see it!

We love to see it! It's not difficult for children's TV to be inclusive.

Lesbian mums on Bluey? We love to see it!

It's a little disappointing that it's still news when queer people are represented in family-friendly entertainment, but here we are.

LGBTQ characters have appeared in shows such as Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, and now Bluey joins the ranks in bringing some welcome diversity to its storytelling.

In the world of children's TV, Bluey is a big deal - streamed on Disney+, this is a cartoon that follows the adventures of an anthropomorphic six-year-old puppy and her friends in Brisbane, Australia.

One of the most recent episodes - The Sign - includes a storyline of Pretzel who shares that his guinea pig has run away. Pretzel has two mums. While Pretzel's parents don't feature significantly in the episode, it's heartening that the information about his two mums is presented as no big deal and not shaping the narrative in any way.

More of this please!

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