Is London having a lesbian renaissance?

There's definitely some encouraging signs for the women of the UK capital.

Is London having a lesbian renaissance?

We don't want to get our hopes up but according to the Evening Standard, London is having a "lesbian renaissance" - huge, if true.

While there's no shortage of queer women in the UK capital, actual spaces for us to get together and hang out have pretty much all but disappeared.

The emergence of La Camionera is an example that not only is there an appetite for spaces for queer women, there's an absolute need. La Camionera is a pop-up that has been overwhelmed by demand - the killer combination of cheap tapas and sultry lighting apparently irresistible to women wanting to hang out with other women.

The disappearance of lesbian-friendly bars and clubs is part of a wider picture of LGBTQ venues struggling to survive in London. Queer venues have always been fairly ephemeral but rising costs and gentrification of inner-city venues makes it much harder for new events to emerge.

While the opening of one new Lesbian pop-up space is clearly not a renaissance, it is hopefully part of a broader movement of women working together to bring about change and support each other.

The city's Dyke March will be returning this year - it hasn't been held for more than a decade. London's women will be taking to the streets on 22 June.

There's also whispers of pub-takovers and pop-up club nights that hopefully signal that we're in for a summer of good times. We're all in desperate need of some good times!

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