Has Ellen Degeneres been kicked out of show-business?

Apparently, that's how she sees it.

Has Ellen Degeneres been kicked out of show-business?

If you've been wondering what Ellen Degeneres is up to these days, she's stepping back into the limelight with a stand-up comedy tour.

According to reports from her first show, Degeneres feels that she has been treated badly by the entertainment industry.

After establishing her career as a comedian, Degeneres hosted a hugely successful talk-show, and built a brand around her "be kind" mantra. Her wealth has been estimated to be somewhere around $370 million.

However, after 19 seasons, the talk-show abruptly came to end in 2022 when three senior executive producers were fired for misconduct, and Degeneres also suffered reputational damage.

“I used to say that I didn’t care what other people thought of me...” said DeGeneres, during her recent stand-up set. “I said that at the height of my popularity.”

While her talk-show days may be behind her, it's hard to see how Degeneres can claim that her career is over - embarking on a multi-city stand-up tour means is no small feat.

What seems to be missing is the sense of humour. Where are the jokes?

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